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Brief Description
The use of tube and link shutters is another way of securing a particular area while offering maximum visibility. Most of the time, they are used to secure a particular space inside the location.
Key Applications
These shutters are often seen in restaurants and bars. A tube and link shutter can secure the area where the wine and spirits are kept. The bottles inside can still be seen, but the shutter prevents anyone who doesn’t have authorized access to these bottles inside the premises.
Other areas in which this type of shutter can be used include counters and reception areas. It may also be used inside shops to secure more expensive products.
Specification / Technical Data
When the tube and link shutters are used over shops, these are usually electric-powered. A single-phase tubular motor is generally used, although some larger shutters may require the 400-volt 3-phase geared motor. However, in most cases these tube and link shutters are used inside premises to secure a small area, in which case it needs to be operated manually.
Specifications / Technical Data
The curtain of the tube and link shutter is usually made with aluminium for its light weight, and the tubes and links are usually arranged in a brick pattern. The typical mesh size is 230 x 70mm. The internal horizontal rods are made from an 8mm-diameter round bar, and they’re pinned at each end to prevent any lateral movement.
Extruded aluminium channels measuring 38 x 29mm form the side guides, which are already prepared for fixing to the opening structure. Customers can also choose from fixed and intermediate guides 90°, 135°, 180° versions.
Options / Variations
Customers can also decide how the tube and link shutter will look. While a galvanised or an aluminium finish is standard for steel and aluminium shutters respectively, a plastisol finish is also available. Powder coat options include any colour in the RAL chart.

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