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Brief Description
When choosing among roller shutter doors, in most cases our customers will pick between a galvanised steel shutter and an aluminium shutter. But a roller shutter can also be made from stainless steel. It exudes a very modern and stylish look, but the use of stainless steel can also make a roller shutter much more expensive.
But not all stainless steel roller shutters are costly. It’s possible that these doors can be made from stainless steel combined with more affordable steel power coated in silver. This combination gives these roller shutters the same elegant look of pure stainless steel, but at a more affordable price.
Ideal Uses / Applications
A stainless steel roller shutter is a great option for any openings that require a modern and stylish look. It’s a perfect match for upscale retailers, because it looks modern. It is perfect for any shop that sells expensive jewellery, as well as showrooms for high end cars.
It’s also ideal for many technology businesses, because stainless steel gives off a techie vibe. It’s great for computer firms, engineering companies, and other software consultant businesses. It gives the business a truly hypermodern look with an unmistakeable air of high technology.
Key Facts
A stainless steel roller shutter also comes with an affordable price tag, making it very popular for many start-ups and other new businesses in the fashion and technology industries
Specification / Technical Data
This particular type of stainless steel roller shutter looks exactly like it’s completely made from stainless steel. That’s because real stainless steel is used for the door itself. But steel that is powder coated in silver is used for the other elements such as the guides, hood, and the curtain. That makes all the parts match perfectly and make it seem like it’s entirely made from stainless steel.

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