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Brief Description

If a customer is keeping high value items inside any storage unit, a highly rated security shutter is crucial to keep them safe and secure. Customers can choose among security shutters that come with various levels of security accreditation. They include Secured By Design (SBD) and LPS 1175 security rated levels from 1 to 4.

Ideal Uses / Applications

For warehouses, factories, and other industrial units that contain valuable goods, steel shutters are recommended as they can go up to level 4. The aluminium shutters can reach a higher level too, and they’re recommended for offices in which there are sensitive or expensive goods, or for garages with expensive cars and other high value items.

Key Facts

The look of the shutters can be customised to fit the customer’s preferences, as they can be powder coated or plastisol coated to achieve any colour in the RAL chart. However, they must all be installed in a very specific way and particular fixings must be used in order to truly achieve the level of security desired by the customer.

Specification / Technical Data

For shutters that are smaller or are not so heavily used, a single phase 240-volt tubular electric motor with rocket switches standard controls is used. The larger or more frequently used shutters may require a 400-volt 3-phase geared motor, and it features buttons for open, close, and stop functions. They all come with adjustable limit switches to stop the shutter at the end when it is operated.

The steel shutters have a galvanised steel curtain, frilled steel vertical guides, and mild steel endplates. The aluminium shutters have curtains made from extruded aluminium, alumina vertical guides, and aluminium endplates. Galvanised finish is standard for steel shutters and aluminium shutters come with an aluminium finish.

Options / Variations

Plastisol finish is also available, as well as powder coat options in any colour in the RAL chart.

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