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Brief Description
In some cases, you may find that the regular speed of a shutter door when it opens or closes is too slow. There are establishments that require their shutter doors to open and close quickly for their normal operations. At the same time, they must also be reliable and easy to use, because complications and minor breakdowns can unduly affect the work schedule.
Ideal Uses / Applications
A busy transport or forklift yard will need a high speed shutter door. They can also be used for loading bays and warehouses. Rapid roll doors are also useful for premises that require high security, as well as industrial environments involved with pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food processing.
Key Facts
Rapid-roll high-speed shutter doors are important when the shutter is used for insulation, either for temperature or for sound. The shutter should open and close quickly so that only the minimum amount of the heated or cold air from the inside can get outside. This is also important for places in which food are preserved, where pharmaceutical and chemical substances are stored, or if a place requires greater security.
Also, if the shutter is being used to keep the noise inside so that neighbours aren’t disturbed, then the shutter doors should also open and close quickly.
These rapid roll doors are designed to open at a rate as fast as a meter a second. Such a speed can help reduce energy expenses, minimize noise travel, enable faster handling of materials to and fro, and provide improved security.
Specification / Technical Data
The curtain of a high speed shutter door is made from PVC, with reinforced coloured strip or rolltex fabric. The operation can be manual or electric. For manual, the shutter can be opened or closed by hand or operated by a chain. For electric, a single-phase motor is available for smaller or lighter shutters, while heavier shutter doors may need the 3-phase motor. The motorised shutters may also come with key fobs, wall-mounted push buttons, and other access devices.
Options / Variations
Customers can choose among a wide variety of colours for the finish, although the standard for steel shutters is a galvanised finish while an aluminium finish is standard for aluminium shutters.

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