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Brief Description
Our range of perforated shutters is quite broad, but on the whole this type of shutter is the favourite of retailers who need added security in their establishment. These shutters are very common in shopping malls and in upscale boutiques.
The perforated shutters can secure a shop firmly. At the same time, when the premises inside are adequately lit, shoppers who pass by can still see the types of merchandise available inside. The perforations in the shutter also allow security guards and cameras to easily see if there are any people inside the secured premises.
These shutters are on the whole very lightweight, and they can be operated manually or with an electric motor. They’re very effective in providing both security and visibility, and they can be very economical. They’re also very dependable and can last a very long time, but they don’t need much in the way of maintenance.
We Offer 3 Main Products
The 3 main perforated shutters available include the GLV-11PE, which is made from galvanised steel. In general, these perforated steel shutters can be very versatile. They can be modified in many different ways so that they provide for the needs of the customer and fit their budgets. Thicker steel can be used for the shutters. Additional windlocks can be incorporated. Rubbers seals and brush strips can be added. And they can look very attractive, as the powder coating can come in any colour in the RAL chart.
The two other perforated shutters are made of aluminium. The ALU-1237PE is the lighter one, and it is much more suitable if the user prefers to operate it manually. It’s mainly used for a small aperture or over a counter. The other one is the ALU-12PE, which is more suited for larger openings. It is also ideal if it is to be used on the outside of a building.

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