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Brief Description
Roller shutters can be used for many purposes, but in some instances they may not be ideal. This is especially true for locations in which there is limited head room. There may not be enough space to fit in the box needed for a roller shutter. But that’s a problem that can be solved by an overhead sectional door.
Ideal Uses / Application
The overhead sectional door is ideal for loading bays as well as for any openings that have limited headroom. It’s also ideal where sound or thermal insulation is necessary.
Key Facts
The overhead sectional side runners slide upwards and they continue on to the roof area. This maximises the space of the opening when the overhead sectional door is open. At the same time, the overhead sectional door also offers very high insulation as well as sound reduction. That’s because the door uses a foam core in between the inner and outer steel sheets in the door panel. This prevents the transmission of heat or cold from or to the outside. This kind of thermal performance exceeds typical buildings regulations.
The thermal insulation also provides an additional sound reduction as well. It can reduce sound by 25 decibels. This is perfect for places in which workers use noisy power tools, because the overhead sectional door can keep the sound from disturbing the neighbours. And they can also keep noise out so that workers can maintain normal conversations and operations.
Specification / Technical Data
These doors can be operated manually, by chain hoist, or by an electric motor. The panels are 0.5mm hot-dipped galvanised steel, while the panel core is made from 39mm-thick rigid polyurethane foam.
Options / Variations
The overhead sectional door can come with any of the 4 tracking options. The vertical lift track needs 750mm of headroom, the standard lift track needs 550mm, the high lift track needs 40mm, and only 200mm is needed for the low headroom lift track.

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