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Our clients buy shutters not just for security but also for insulation. These insulated shutters are designed to help maintain the desired temperature inside, while keeping out the heat or the cold.

In many commercial and industrial situations, warehouses, factories, and loading bays must be adequately insulated to save costs by minimising the heat loss. However, these shutters do not simply supply insulation. They still provide an additional security measure for the people, equipment, and goods inside.

Insulated shutters are also ideal for residential use. In the summer, they can keep the heat out while the air conditioner keeps the inside cool. In the winter, the heat is kept inside while cold air is kept out.

In addition to temperature insulation, these shutters can also help in providing added sound insulation. With adequate sound insulation, the busy workforce can go about with their day to day operations without being distracted by the outside noise. For home use, residents can relax at the end of the day or on weekends and sleep in without being disturbed by the noises and the traffic from the outside. Family gatherings can stay uninterrupted, and it ensures a romantic atmosphere when you’re having an intimate dinner at home.

We Offer 3 Main Products

These shutter doors can be operated either manually or by electric motor. They can also come in most sizes and finishes. The most popular insulated shutters include the ALU-12M411, the ALU-T77, and the GLV-11INS.

In insulated shutters, the shutter laths are filled with an insulating material that’s both lightweight and highly efficient. Insulation is therefore provided without any comprise in the level of efficiency and reliability. Each door also comes with guides featuring twin brushes, and the base is fitted with rubber seals. Both features keep the draught outside and also reduce the sound pollution from wit

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