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Brief Description
Many homeowners and businesses know that a garage needs a garage roller door. Garage doors offer protection from the elements but they also offer protection against car theft and vandalism. In addition, garage doors look very attractive and can enhance the appeal of an ordinary garage.
Key Facts
Fortunately, there is a wide range of available garage doors for every customer. They can be made of lighter aluminium or heavier galvanised steel. Some affordable garage doors are simple to operate manually, as owners can simply push up the door to open it and then pull down the door to secure the garage. For extra security, these garage doors also feature dual locking bars.
Others are automatic garage roller doors that are powered by a motor. These can be opened by a remote control system, which is very convenient for owners who leave or arrive to the garage on their cars. With a key fob or other remote control devices, there is no need to get off from the vehicle to open or close the garage doors when they leave home or when they arrive. These automatic doors also come with an override manual release, so that the garage doors can still be opened and closed even if there’s a power failure.
Specifications / Technical Data
A wide range of lath designs are available. A smaller garage opening may need only a 51m flat lath, but large industrial garages may feature 76mm curved or 102mm flat laths. The laths may also be punched or perforated. This offers ventilation which may be required with exhaust, and the holes also allow owners to see inside the garage to confirm that their vehicles are still inside and that no one unauthorized is in the garage.
Options / Variations
Garage roller doors may also come with insulation, as well as a distinct security and fire accreditation rating. The garage doors may also be in any colour in the RAL chart.

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