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Brief Description

When it’s open, the shutter provides a clear path through the doors, as its mechanisms are all out of the way. But when it is closed, it provides an additional barrier to protect the inside from intruders effectively preventing vandalism and theft. The galvanised steel shutter doesn’t even show what’s inside.

Galvanized steel shutters are ideal security barriers, as they are very tough. They are also very durable, and require very little maintenance.

Ideal Uses / Applications

Shutters made from galvanised steel are ideal for factories, warehouses, and other industrial locations.

Key Facts

The width of the shutters can reach up to 10 meters. Standard gauge options are 18, 20, or 22swg, but any other gauge can be requested.

Specification / Technical Data

The curtain is made from continuously interlocked galvanised steel laths, with end locks holding them securely in place. The vertical guides can be formed from rolled steel. The endplates are prime painted mild steel and it is suitably thick in relation to the thickness of the door. The barrels are usually made from a seamless steel tube, and its diameter is sufficient to offset deflection and to hold in the cups or bearings on the endplates. The standard finish is galvanised with the non-galvanised parts prime painted, but for an extra fee powder coating in any colour can be applied.

A 240-volt single phase tubular motor usually powers shutters used for smaller openings. A 400-volt 3-phase geared motor is used to operate bigger shutters. The shutters feature adjustable limit switches to stop the shutter at the end of each travel.

The standard controls are buttons for open, close, and stop for geared motors, and single phase tubular motors have rocker switches.

Options / Variations

The shutter can be powder coated or plastisol coated to any colour in the RAL colour chart. For an additional fee, the shutter can also feature a distinct security or fire rating accreditation.

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