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Brief Description

Aside from insulation and security, shutters can also be used as part of a complete fire emergency plan. A fire rated security shutter works best with features such as sprinklers to put out the fire and smoke extraction systems to siphon the dangerous smoke and lead it outside the building.

All these different elements work together to provide emergency services and to protect the occupants long enough so they can be safely evacuated outside. The main role of a fire rated security shutter is to compartmentalise the fire inside a specific area, so that it doesn’t spread to endanger more people and do more damage. This also gives people in other areas time to get out of the building safely.

Ideal Uses Applications

These fires shutters are used in a wide variety of places. They can be found in many industrial locations. In addition, they’re also popular in restaurants, school cafeteria, and hospitals. They’re often found in kitchen areas where fires are more likely to start.

Key Facts

Our customers often work with their insurance companies in choosing the most ideal fire rated shutters. These fire-rated roller door shutters come with different fire ratings, such as 1, 2, or 4 hours. For business applications, fire shutters should comply with the Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations. A fire shutter can keep the heat of a 12o0C fire on one side while fire-fighters and fleeing people can come within half a meter from the shutter. On non-fire rated shutters, the minimum safe distance is 6 meters.

Specification / Technical Data

The curtain uses a synthetic material outer skin, and the inner core is made from high performance insulation materials. They are usually operated by a simple control panel to let people use them without any difficulty in emergency situations. They’re also equipped with safety brakes and drive ratio control to manage a controlled descent of the fire rated shutter.

Options/ Variations

Fire shutters are available in different sizes to match the need, and their appearance can be customised as they can come in a galvanised finish or powder coated in any colour.

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