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Brief Description
Commercial establishments require dependable security. This is also true for many offices that keep sensitive data. To protect against break-ins and possible looting in extreme emergencies, shop owners and office managers can elect to use extender security grilles. These can be used on windows, French doors, built as cages.
Ideal Uses / Applications
These security grilles can be used in offices, factories, and warehouses. They’re increasingly popular in homes as well, especially when the residents tend to go on long vacations.
When placed against windows, it offers an extra level of security even if the glass of the windows has been broken. These security grilles are even strong enough to withstand bomb blasts.
The grilles can also be used as a cage as well. This cage can provide very secure containment, while the open pattern offers free airflow for climate control as well as for fire detection and suppression. The grilles can be used as security lobbies in the entrances of buildings, and they provide a visible area that can be monitored by a CCTV camera or by patrols.
Key Facts
A range of extender grilles across doors and windows can protect from even a determined attack that involves the use of tools like hacksaws, bolt cutters, and axes. These grills are string and durable due to the use of high tempered aluminium alloys and steel.
Specification/Technical Data
These extender security grilles can come in 3 distinct levels of security and strength.
Level 1 is sufficient to deter opportunist criminals who simply look for unsecured premises. They feature an open diamond pattern and a hook deadlock with an option for a shoot bolt lock.
The Level 2 grilles are made from even stronger materials and bonds. These are strong enough to keep away even determined thieves armed with electric drills and hacksaws.
The strongest retractable grill in the market comes with a LPCB LPS 1175 Security Rating 3, which is enough to protect vulnerable equipment and hazardous materials.
Both the Level 2 and the Level 3 are approved by the police security initiative SBD (Secured By Design).

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