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Brief Description
The main problem with typical shutter doors is that they look very ordinary and plain. This is why some businesses and even homes use continental shutters instead.
A continental shutter is a very attractive door for homes and for commercial premises. In fact, they can be the first choice for resplendent houses as well as for upscale commercial properties. Their look is splendid as well, so that the continental shutter matches the splendour of the premises. It doesn’t reduce the beauty of a home or office building.
A continental shutter offers basic security against unauthorized entry. It can insulate the interior areas, so that the winter chill and the summer heat do not come in, and the heated or chilled air does not go out of the home or office. It can also provide insulation against the noise from outside. This is important for many offices in which workers may be distracted by the noise of the traffic outside. It is also important for home residents who wish to relax after a gruelling day at work, and who wish to sleep late on weekends.
Continental shutters may be manually operated. Or it can be electrically powered, and the shutter can be opened or closed with a key fob or with a switch mounted on the wall.
We Offer 2 Main Products
One possible option for a continental shutter is the ALU-12M411. It is made from double skinned, polyester powder coated, aluminium slat. It also offers insulation with its polyurethane foam core. Customers may choose either a vented or a non-vented version.
The other main option is the ALU-1237. Even though this is not insulated, it is made of thicker and extruded lath. For insurance purposes, it can be upgraded to “Secured By Design” status – LPS1175 SR1.

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