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Brief Description

Aluminium roller shutter doors are in high demand due to their appearance. Usually it comes as a solid curtain, but customers have the option of buying punched or perforated shutters and they can be supplied in any finish that matches the customer’s preference. They’re very strong and reliable, which make them ideal as a lightweight security measure.

An aluminium shutter can be available as a built-in security measure for new build properties. They can also be tailored to fit a building or any commercial opening.

Like most shutters, the aluminium shutter can be powered and operated by a single or 3-phase motor, but a manual option is also available. The motor will depend on the size of the aluminium shutter and how it is used.

We Offer 4 Main Products

Customers can choose between 4 main products in the aluminium shutter category. One option is the ALU-12M411, which can be vented or non-vented depending on whether the customer wants to let in light. The aluminium slat is polyester powder coated and double-skinned, with a polyurethane foam insulating core.

The ALU-1237 is made of thicker and extruded lath compared to the ALU-12M411, but it is not insulated. It can, however, be upgraded to insurance approved “Secured By Design” status – LPS1175 SR1. The ALU-T77, on the other hand, is insulated so they can keep energy bills low as they keep the cold out and keep the heat in during the cold season. In the summer, it can keep the air-conditioning in while the heat is kept out.

Finally there’s the ALU-12E77, which the most secure of them all. For an extra fee it can even be improved to get a higher security rating so that it becomes the most effective aluminium security shutter among all the other options.

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