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Unfortunately we live in a time where theft is still rife across the UK; none more-so than in Manchester.  The increase in number of reported ram raids on roller shutter doors in Manchester has been significant enough for commercial and industrial companies to reconsider their security and security door set up.  The Manchester Evening News has reported dozens of ram raid incidents in the last 18 months, with many premises in Manchester not secured by roller shutter or other security doors, leaving them at high risk to becoming victims of common thieves.

The importance of securing your premises cannot be understated.  For many small to medium size businesses and commercial premises, the contents of the premises are the life-line of the family.  Securing them with a high-quality steel roller shutter door is a crucial element of protecting that, whilst also reducing insurance premiums.  Roller shutters, when of the correct material and properly installed, provide all the security your premises needs.

For industrial businesses, the same applies.  Behind those huge doors lives a large amount of products / goods and valuable machinery.  Most industrial entities already install roller shutters – steel roller shutters or aluminium roller shutters – but not all maintain and service the shutter doors, which could leave them vulnerable.  Installing robust steel roller shutters in your Manchester premises will go a long way to ensuring the safety and protection of your stock and staff.

Commenting on the ram raid trend in Manchester, Wilks Doors Managing Director Jamie Wilks stated, “It’s a shame that in this day and age we still see ram raids across Manchester but unfortunately that’s the product of the society we live in.  We’ve seen a spike in emergency call-out for door repairs across Manchester in the last 12 months, predominantly on industrial premises with old or incorrectly installed doors”.  He went on to say “Commercial premises with roller shutters installed tend to avoid being raided as thieves simply don’t bother.  They’ll focus on the premises that are not secured by security or roller shutters”.

Wilks Doors provide emergency call-out, industrial door installation, repair and maintenance services, including the provision of high security roller shutters, across Manchester and the North West UK.  For more information, please contact info@wilksdoors.co.uk, call 0800 97 88 103 or get a Quick Quote.







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